Healthy eating does not need to be a constant struggle or impossible goal. In fact, it is easier than you might think to change your eating habits, and enjoy better health. If you want to stop eating foods that are bad for you, and instead focus on healthy food choices, here are some tips that can help you make a change for the better.

First, it is important to realize that quantities are important. If you have a favorite food that is not exactly the healthiest of choices, it is not necessary to give it up entirely. Instead, have a small quantity every now and then, instead of a bowlful every day. Just the thought that you can have a small serving of your favorite treat every now and then can help you stick to a diet that consists of predominantly healthy foods.

A little planning can also go a long way towards making it easier to stick to a healthy diet. For example, packing a healthy lunch the night before will ensure that you do not rush out of the house in the morning without your lunch. This alone will help prevent you from resorting to fast food lunches, and unhealthy candy bars from the snack machine at work. The same is true about breakfast. If you find yourself never having enough time to eat breakfast before you rush out the door, keep a few protein bars or a container of rolled oats in your desk at work.

Planning your dinner in advance is also a great way to avoid making poor food choices out of sheer hunger. If you tend to start grazing on potato chips while making dinner, keep a container of carrot and celery sticks in the refrigerator for this purpose instead. Or better yet, put a healthy dinner in your slow cooker before you leave in the morning, and you will be ready to eat dinner as soon as you get home.

Finally, it is not necessary to worry and fret over counting every calorie you consume. Yes, calories do count, but focusing on them too heavily can be a real chore. Instead, focus on healthy foods that you really enjoy. For example, vegetables are naturally low in calories, so they can be eaten freely. If you focus on healthy foods that are dense in nutrients without being overly high in calories, you will not need to count the calories so closely. Instead, just make sure you are eating reasonable portions of foods that you already know to be good choices.